Who we are

We are your privileged partner.

By adopting a human-scale structure, we offer a coherent operating framework tailored to each of our customers, tailor-made solutions and local support.

The excellence and pragmatism that guide our solutions are the fruit of a collective, multidisciplinary and relevant expertise based on a perfect understanding of your organisation, your business and your domestic and international environment.

In order to deliver a service of excellence that meets your operational needs in concrete terms, we have made the values of mutual demands and trust, of loyalty and commitment, and of interpersonal skills above and beyond know-how, the essential values that form the identity of our firm and make it the major asset in its appeal.

We Offer:

A dedicated team

tailored to your organisation and your organisational methods, who understand the strategic, financial and risk management issues at stake to support you in all the legal, social legal, employment and tax issues required to protect, sustain and grow your organisation in France and internationally.


both in day-to-day support (consultations, outsourced legal assistance, outsourced legal management) complex operations or your structuring projects (from their inception to their production, right through to final implementation implementation) to meet your specific operational challenges.

A team of experts

all selected for their know-how and experience, all experienced in the working methods of international law firms and multidisciplinary networks of experts drawn directly from the academic world.

Local presence

following an approach guided by excellence and rigour, responsiveness and pragmatism, efficiency and anticipation, creativity and the total involvement of every member of our team.

Tailor-made support

tailored to the operational needs of each of our customers, with real budget visibility, designed with the customer according to their real needs:

  • Consultancy and one-off or recurring assignments at a fixed price or on the basis of a predetermined, budgeted hourly rate,
  • A la carte, cost-controlled subscription package (or even an “outsourced legal department or back-up force” type of package) that gives you access to “outsourced” advice on a day-to-day basis and at your side (e.g. hotline, flat rates or sliding daily rates, predefined volume of hours of on-site work, as close as possible to the operational needs of the teams, participation in strategic committees, partner meetings),
  • Individualised training sessions on different themes, in conjunction with our experts, either face-to-face or off-line.